Trukmė introduces the NEWEST CNC milling machine with 5-axis technology!

The CNC Venture 115 milling machine is a global market leader and will provide your project with 360° more freedom!

By choosing board processing using the 5-axis CNC Venture 115 milling machine you ensure flexible processing by various angles as well as milling, drilling and high quality cutting.


5-axis technology will provide many new ideas and possibilities for your products:

We stand for the environment and efficient work!

See how well the new CNC Venture 115 milling machine works:

Edge and door slat milling

Door slats

Trukmė offers you the choice of eight door slats of various types (F1 – F8). To each type of door slat selected it is possible to select from four (B1 – B4) matching types.

Download the CNC milling edges schemes:

NOTE! When providing the F2, F4 and F6 slat dimensions, milled tapes are ALWAYS made according to the first dimension indicated.


Milling of edges

Door slats


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