airTec and sealTec

PVC edge works are performed using high quality Homag KAL370 AMBITION saws of which one has been designed for lamination using airTechot air seamless lamination technology.

AirTec and SealTec

The requirements for both furniture quality and lamination are constantly increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to decrease the space between the edge and the board and to use seamless lamination. Producers of offices, bathrooms and kitchens today particularly welcome seamless lamination technology.


With the airTec system, the furniture technology producer and global market leader HOMAG has found an ideal solution. When laminating using the airTec technique, a special edge is used which consists of a ‘solid’colour layer and a melted functional basis. The functional basis of the edge is melted in an airTec device installed inside the lamination machine and the edge is pressed to the edge of the board. Additional adhesives are not used, making the seam between the edge and the board completely invisible.

Functional base (A layer of polypropylene = PP). The PP layer is of the same hardness as the edge, both of them wear off equally, therefore, a groove/hole where dirt may accumulate does not appear. A space does not appear and a connection seam doesn’t become visible over time. The PP layer is pigmented according to the colour of the edge and may only be suggested by the producer of the edges, REHAU. REHAU has more than 9,000 colour pigments and provides the possibility to select a proper PP layer for the colour of the edge.

Due to direct sunlight, simple edges during the summer sometimes tend to come off because of the low melting temperature of EVA adhesives. With airTec (Hot air technology), a special edge covered with a special functional base is melted at +600°C. Therefore, sunlight does not pose a threat to this type of edge and the quality of your furniture stays resistant to the impact of the sun.


airTec  Innovation to give your furniture an indelible sense of aesthetics!


See the airTec hot air laminating process at Trukmė:


sealTec has been designed to decrease the absobtion of moisture into a board which may cause it to swell and to lose its original appearance.

sealTec technology uses a special liquid, creating a hydrophobic layer and thus increasing resistance to moisture. It’s sprayed in a 3mm layer onto the edge of the board (from the top and the bottom) during the lamination process. A longer service life of furniture is ensured whilst maintaining a high aesthetic quality. We recommend using these products for bathroom and kitchen furniture.

sealTec technology is recommended for edges glued using hot air technology (PP) as well as for simple edges glued using a standard laminating machine (EVA adhesives).

sealTec is an innovation, giving your furniture resistance to moisture and increasing its service life.


IMPORTANT: SealTec technology can only be used together with AirTec technology.



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