All of our services are performed using HOMAG and HOLZMA saws.
All services are carried out quickly and to the highest standards.
Edge finishing is carried out using HOMAG saws. We also laminate elements using PVC, ABS and HPL edges.



Cutting is performed using the highest quality HPL 300 and HPP300 ProfiLine saws. For large orders when raw boars are cut, automatic saws are used which also have an integrated automatic feeding table. In this way, the process becomes faster and more productive.


Lamination of PVC edges

PVC edge works are performed using high quality Homag KAL370 AMBITION saws of which one has been designed for lamination using airTechot air seamless lamination technology.

AirTec and SealTec

The requirements for both furniture quality and lamination are constantly increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to decrease the space between the edge and the board and to use seamless lamination. Producers of offices, bathrooms and kitchens today particularly welcome seamless lamination technology.

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We use a HOMAG BHX 055 saw which guarantees the highest quality and fast processing times, with over 400,000 jobs carried out each year.


Trukmė introduces the NEWEST CNC milling machine with 5-axis technology!

The CNC Venture 115 milling machine is a global market leader and will provide your project with 360° more freedom!

By choosing board processing using the 5-axis CNC Venture 115 milling machine you ensure flexible processing by various angles as well as milling, drilling and high quality cutting.

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Additional services

  • Gluing of parts;
  • Applying glue on PVC;
  • Pressing;
  • Packaging;
  • Design (only for the business clients);
  • Figural edging;
  • Order preparation.


For further information about our production services contact:

Aušrinė Spūdienė

Head of Workshop 
Telephone +370 638 69191