About us

JSC “Trukmė” is a Lithuanian company whose history dates back to 1994. In the more than 20 years, since we began we have grown to become one of the largest companies in Lithuania. Our business focuses exclusively on the wholesale and retail selling of materials used for furniture production.

Medžiagos baldų gamybai

“Trukmė” is driven by the principle of the primary importance of the client. We seek to ensure that our clients’ roads are paved with satisfaction with the help of our thoroughly professional approach to business.

We represent well known and reliable manufacturers of furniture materials including boards, worktops and furniture fittings from Germany, Austria, Italy, Latvia, Turkey, Spain, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland and Russia.

We are constantly looking for innovations in interior and furniture materials at international exhibitions and we sell a continually expanding range of them in Lithuania and the Baltic States.

Our warehouses allow us to hold a wide range of materials whilst our highly developed logistics operations ensure we deliver them to the right place at the right time.
By seeking to ensure the highest quality furniture boards on the market and to remain the market leaders we constant invest in the most innovative boards and worktop cutting, drilling and edge lamination technologies.

We are extremely grateful to all our current and future clients and partners for putting their trust in us.